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“You can’t find what you are looking for and even your best work remains unnoticed.”

More than 30 million medical publications on PubMed, more than 1 million new ones every year: Information overabundance is not a problem of the future. It has become science’s biggest threat.

Empower your research with a Visual Abstract today !

Information Overabundance,

A Researcher's Nightmare

Information overabundance turns you half-blind and half-mute: You can’t find what you are looking for and even your best work remains unnoticed.

We transform your publication abstract into a cutting-edge Visual Abstract: Draw attention, communicate findings in seconds, leave a lasting impact. Your audience will appreciate it!

Why to use Visual Abstracts ?

 Visual Abstracts will give your research the visibility it deserves.

Make an impact

Make a strong impact with Visual Abstracts optimized for social media channels. Visual Abstracts on social media can increase your article view up to threefold.

Draw attention

Highlight your work with some of the finest scientific illustrations out there, designed by our team with decades of experience in research and science illustration. 

Communicate well

Communicate your findings to a broad audience and in a fraction of time. Our Visual Abstracts were crafted to increase readability. Thoroughly tested – it works!

Our style of product

Creating excellent value for researchers 


Molded to human perception  

Our visual abstracts were engineered to guide the reader's eye, increase reading speed and enhance content retention. We combine cutting-edge design techniques with insights from neurophysiology for a truly intuitive reading experience. 


Optimized to increase recognizability

We developed a standardized Visual Abstract format that will further increase your abstract's visibility. Our design language was carefully harmonized to create a recognizable design brand that will further highlight your work.


Developed by and for researchers

Researchers from all over the world helped us to develop and to test our Visual Abstracts. In our pilot study Visual Abstracts increased reading speed by 2.6x without reducing content memorization.

Our Team


Saribek Karapetyan

MBA, Dipl.-Ing.

Sales, IT, Controlling & CEO

Engineer, MBA. Visual Abstract is proud to have Sari as CEO: An enthusiastic project manager with a track record of 100+ successful projects in IT, Pharma & related industries. Sari heads sales, IT and controlling.


Dr. Benito Campos

MD, MBA, Assoc. Prof.

Product Development, R&D

Medical doctor, avid medical researcher, MBA. Benito has 15 years of medical research experience. He spearheads Visual Abstract’s R&D efforts to develop unique and valuable products for the research community.


Gaurav siNHA

MBA, M.Eng.

Product Design & Marketing

Designer, architect, MBA. Gaurav comes from a long line of artist and scientific illustrators. At Visual Abstract, he combines long years of design and product management experience with a true passion for digital marketing.

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