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Our Product Use Cases

1. Digital Poster

Visual Abstracts: Interactive Digital poster of the future, for life science companies and academic research institutions. Showcase groundbreaking research to a variety of audiences at conferences, industry fairs and meetings.

2. Social Media Reach

Visual Abstracts: Maximize your reach on social media channels. For companies and academic research institutions. Increase the impact of your research with visuals crafted for Twitter ®, LinkedIn® and Instagram®.

3. Empowering Sales Force

Interactive Visual Abstracts: A novel tool to conduct your sales meetings. Impress your customers with data-driven storytelling on your different mobile devices.  

Why Visual Abstracts?

Information Overabundance, Researcher's Nightmare

Information overabundance turns you half-blind and half-mute: You can’t find what you are looking for and even your best work remains unnoticed.

More than 35 million medical publications on PubMed, more than 1.7 million new ones every year: Information overabundance is not a problem of the future. It has become science’s biggest threat.

Quick to read, long-lasting impression

We transform your publication abstract into a cutting-edge Visual Abstract: Draw attention, communicate findings in seconds, leave a lasting impact. Your audience will appreciate it!

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