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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Visual Abstracts restricted to a particular research field? 

Currently, our Visual Abstract service is limited to medical research and to life science research. We are working hard to expand our service to other scientific disciplines. If you are not sure, whether our service is applicable to your research simply contact our customer support using the contact form on the main page.  

Are Visual Abstracts restricted to a particular stage within the publication cycle? 

You can order a Visual Abstract for your publication at any stage of the publication cycle as long as you have the authors’ permission to commission a Visual Abstract on their behalf.  

How do I order a Visual Abstract? 

All we need is the text of your publication’s abstract and some additional, publication-related information such as the publication's title, the name of the publication’s first author, your publication’s DOI number and the official citation of your publication. If your publication does not have a DOI number and/or a journal citation then simply mark these fields with “NA”. The Visual Abstract team will email you to confirm order receipt. 

What does my final Visual Abstract look like? 

Your final Visual Abstract comes as a JPEG image. Scale and resolution was optimized for displaying on social media channels like LinkedIn® and Twitter® 

How long does it take until my Visual Abstract is ready? 

Your Visual Abstract will be delivered to you within 5 business days. 

How do I review my Visual Abstract draft? 

For each Visual Abstract you ordered, you will receive one JPEG and one PDF file. If you are satisfied with your Visual Abstract, reply to the email with your delivery to confirm that no further changes to your Visual Abstract are required. Should your Visual Abstract require editing just use the PDF file in the attachment to write down your comments. Reply to the delivery email and make sure to attach the PDF with your comments. The final version of your Visual Abstract will be delivered via email within 5 business days. 

How much time do I have to review my Visual Abstract? 

Should your Visual Abstract require editing, we kindly ask you to use the PDF file with your Visual Abstract draft to write down your comments and send it back to us back to us within 5 business days.  

How many rounds of revision are included in the product? 

Our service includes one round of revision. 

Why do you reuse graphical material in the Visual Abstract? 

The graphical material in your abstract, the so-called icons, were carefully developed and tested together with fellow researchers to speed up reading and increase content retention. Reusing individual icons will help us to establish a uniform graphical standard that will further increase the readability of your Visual Abstract. Re-using individual icons also allows us to speed up the production process and offer you our product at a highly competitive price.  

Can I pay an additional fee to have unique graphics designed for my Visual Abstract? 

This is currently not possible since we are re-using individual icons to establish a uniform graphical standard that will further increase the readability of your Visual Abstract. Your readers will appreciate it.  

What is the advantage of a standardized Visual Abstract? 

A standardized Visual Abstract will greatly increase readability and content retention. Studies have shown that the brain can recognize images in about 100 ms. If these images are presented in a standardized fashion, images can be recognized in as little as 13 ms. Think about it this way: In a standardized abstract your readers will not waste time figuring out what they are reading and where they should start to read. This will further increase the chances that your readers will engage with your research.  

What is the design technology behind my Visual Abstract? 

The layout of your Visual Abstract was carefully developed in terms of colors, proportions, panel arrangement and many other subtle details. Development was based on cutting edge design practices and neurophysiological research. It was optimized to increase reading speed and content retention and to allow for a truly intuitive reading experience. 

Have you tested the tech behind my Visual Abstract? 

You bet. We are researchers, much like yourself. We involved fellow researchers in the development of our Visual Abstracts from the very beginning. The final product was tested in two independent studies with researchers from different fields and with varying degrees of research experience. We could clearly and repeatedly show that our Visual Abstracts increase reading speed by up to 2.6 times. Content retention remained the same even though readers would save roughly 50 s every time they read a Visual Abstract. Reading felt intuitive to the vast majority of our test subjects. 

What do I do with my final Visual Abstract?  

Your Visual Abstract was optimized for displaying on social media, especially for Twitter® and LinkedIn®. Studies have shown that displaying your research on Twitter® can increase article views by up to 2.7 times. You can also display your Visual Abstract on your lab’s website or on a conference poster. Think of it as a business card for your publication. We have compiled a manual to help you make the most of your Visual Abstract on social media channels. 

Am I allowed to re-sell or modify my Visual Abstract? 

We are selling our Visual Abstracts under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license that excludes derivatives. That means there is no limitation of how you use your Visual Abstract as long as the Visual Abstract stays intact and unaltered. With this limitation we want to make sure that your Visual Abstract maintains its readability and audiences everywhere benefit from an intuitive reading experience. 

What is Visual Abstract allowed to do with my Visual Abstract? 

With the purchase of a Visual Abstract, we reserve the right to showcase selected Visual Abstracts on a dedicated website and/or on social media channels to inform future customers. In addition, we will gather all Visual Abstracts produced in a database that will serve researchers like you as a unique repository.  

How to best post my Visual Abstract on social media channels?

Link - Click here for Social Media Manual