What HCPs want from Pharma Content: A Content Marketing Guide

March 2024 | Read Time: 3 mins
Posted by Visual Abstract | Author: Ishita Rajgrihar
In today’s digital age, when issues arise, our first instinct is to turn to the internet as a first resort, relying on the power of a simple Google search. This behavior highlights the importance of content marketing. Companies leverage this digital marketing technique to create and deliver relevant content to attract and maintain a specific audience. In the healthcare sector, content marketing is especially vital. By offering informative and engaging content, healthcare companies can build trust and establish their expertise, helping individuals make informed healthcare decisions.
For healthcare professionals, it is instrumental in connecting medical knowledge with the information requirements of patients and communities. Hence, to foster a strong and effective partnership with HCPs, pharma companies must understand what HCPs truly seek in their content
In this blog post, we’ll dive into the core needs and expectations of HCPs when it comes to pharmaceutical content and explore how pharma companies can align their content strategies to meet these needs.
The Importance of Relevant and Credible Content
Healthcare practitioners receive a wide range of pharmaceutical content, from product information to the latest medical advancements. However, not all of this content is relevant or useful to HCPs. In fact, 72% of HCPs prefer disease information over product information. They particularly value independent, non-promotional education and particularly value CME-accredited learning.

This indicates that pharmaceutical companies need to focus on delivering content that is relevant, credible, and empowers HCPs to make informed decisions for their patients. The content should be based on the latest scientific evidence and avoid excessive promotion.
What HCPs Really Need
So, what kind of content do HCPs actually want to see? Here are a few key points:
• Useful Information: HCPs indicate high demand for various most types of medical content, many of which are also prioritized by pharmaceutical companies. However, there seems to be an unmet need for diagnostic information, emerging treatments, accredited and non-accredited learning, as well as recordings or reports from scientific meetings.

What HCPs really need is clear, up-to-date information on diseases, treatments, and the latest research. Pharma companies should focus on delivering content that is informative, evidence-based, and directly relevant to the daily challenges faced by HCPs in their practice.
• Learning Tools: According to an EPG Health Survey, 85% of the HCPs reported needing better access to non-accredited eLearning but Pharma companies considered this as low priority.

Pharma companies should provide HCPs with a variety of educational materials, including Physician Educational Materials (PEMs), Patient Medication Guides (PMGs), online resources, case studies, interactive tools, and content on new treatments and professional development opportunities. These resources are essential to enhance HCPs’ knowledge and improve patient care.
• Patient-Friendly Materials: In addition to educational resources for HCPs, 68% of HCPs seek patient-friendly materials and tools for medication adherence. These include easy-to-understand brochures, visual aids, and videos to help patients better understand their conditions, medications, and proper administration techniques.

Assisting patients in understanding their conditions and adhering to their treatment plans is a huge part of an HCP’s job. Therefore, content that provides easy-to-read information and tools for patients is incredibly valuable.
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• Honesty and Transparency: HCPs want to open, honest and transparent communication from pharma companies to trust the information they receive. Pharma companies that prioritize patient safety, provide clear information, and address (i.e potential risks or side effects will build trust and credibility with HCPs.
Building a strong partnership
By providing the content HCPs truly want, pharma companies can build strong relationships with these healthcare professionals. This, in turn, leads to better patient care and a win-win situation for everyone. Prioritizing the needs of HCPs in content creation is key to a successful content marketing strategy that fosters meaningful relationships and drives positive outcomes for all stakeholders.
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